Foot Soldier (and cool guy)… Neutrophil!

Now that I’ve finally figured out which white blood cells should be included on the “team”, the next part of the puzzle is developing the personalities and character traits for each. Before continuing, a disclaimer… I’m not a doctor. I’m absolutely positive that I’ll make mistakes when sharing my immune system expertise with the world. Our bodies are so complex and as I look deeper and deeper into what our immune systems actually do it overwhelms my brain. The gist of what I’ve come to understand is that we have over twenty-five types of white blood cells (WBC) but only five of them actually attack and kill enemies. Those five make up this team (neutrophil, natural killer cell, T cell, monocyte and macrophage). I KNOW I’m oversimplifying all of this, but that’s okay. For my purposes it’s working perfectly (but please let me know if you notice a goof so bad it shows I’m a total idiot).

Okay, back to personalities and character traits. Today is only about the neutrophil. This guy’s our most plentiful WBC, is super aggressive, can phase through cell membranes to get to the fight, and I believe actually “eats” enemies (not the only one that does that either!). Don’t hold me to this, but I’m pretty sure neutrophils can also set web-like traps to catch and kill enemy cells. How cool is that!? These guys have super powers. Learning about these white blood cells is like reading science-fiction. Some of the “powers” they have are amazing, some a bit mundane, and some even seem a little gross… but learning about our WBC team really make me feel like we have billions and billions of teeny little super hero cells inside of us.

Neutrophil Fighter

The neutrophil is clearly a fighter/brawler. He’s going to aggressively hunt for enemies and attack without hesitation! I want the character to have a tough-guy (but hopefully still good guy) look on his face most of the time. Don’t know if I’ll ever illustrate him using his web-traps or not, but I’m pretty dang sure I WON’T be drawing him eating a cancer cell! I think he’s going to do most of his fighting with his fists but maybe he can change the shapes of his arms and hands into other forms… hmm, maybe not. I like the way he looks now so I think this is him. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
Next week… Natural Killer Cell! Later Tater