Cancer Update

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! I’ll first apologize for the delay in a new posting. It’s been a little while and I really try to put out one a week but things have been a little crazy around here. Okay… now cancer update stuff…

I know that reading about someone’s battle with cancer isn’t the the most enjoyable subject matter in the world and I know that many people would prefer not to. I absolutely understand and there’s certainly nothing to feel guilty about if you decide to take a pass until next time. For those who choose to carry on, I have stage IV lung cancer (nothing new). I was diagnosed in August, started immunotherapy in October, and my tumors have up until my last set of scans been kind of dormant… not really growing, not really shrinking. Things started getting a bit more confusing a few weeks ago when I woke up with what I thought was a pinched nerve in the back of my neck. I was wrong (how’s that for foreshadowing?).

My total deal is that my primary tumor is in my right lung and it’s metastasized (spread) to lymph nodes around my heart and below my diaphragm. It also grew metastasis in five bone spots… one at the top if each femur and three in various spots on my pelvic bone. So I bet most of you see where this is going. Yes, the spot on the back of my neck is a new cancer growth, and just to make it even more interesting they found another spot on one of my ribs. This SUCKS!!! Clearly the immunotherapy isn’t working.

Cancer all around me! Yikes! (and may the 4th be with you!)

Now we’re working on plan “B”. In one way or another this means I’m starting chemotherapy. Most likely in three weeks. I can’t start it sooner because I’m starting radiotherapy on both femurs for five days starting Monday. According to my oncologist I have to wait two weeks after finishing radiotherapy before I can begin chemo. This will most likely end up with me doing chemo and immuno at the same time. While many of my tumors have grown a bit and I’ve had some new spots pop up, a few of the tumors have shrunk some so the immunotherapy IS doing something. Not much, but something.

I’m also being tested to see if I’d be a candidate for another cancer therapy… targeted therapy. I believe my chances are statistically low, but fingers crossed. If eligible, I’d only have to do chemo for a little over a month before switching to the targeted therapy (sort of praying/hoping/visualizing a little more right now for this therapy). I’ll know soon which path it will be, but regardless I’m ready to get going sooner rather than later.

That brings us all up-to-date. If anyone thinks “how does this impact Cancer Care Coloring?” I answer… not at all. This coloring book is going to get made. I’m focusing on the adult coloring book first, then the one for kids. My optimism is influenced by my doctors talking about what we’re doing next year for my therapy as opposed to only next month. It’s not much but I’ll absolutely take it. Until next time… later tater