Coloring Book Update… The Blood Cell Body Squad!

Blood Cell Body Squad (or maybe Blood Cell Fighting Force?)

After months of research, sketching and ink drawings the design of the coloring book “team” is finalized. These five white blood cells… neutrophil, t cell, monocyte, macrophage and natural killer cell have become my characters for the upcoming adult/teen visualization coloring book. These are the blood cells that I visualize kicking the crap out of my cancer cells and if everything goes according to plan at some point in the not-too-distant future others will be able to use them in the same way (and enjoy the art therapy of coloring them as well).

THE COLORING BOOK: As an artist, I have a vision for the finished book. One-sided coloring page printing, thick (bleed proof) pages, perforated for easy tear-out, full-color high gloss cover (front and back) and ultra white coloring pages at a minimum. We’ve all seen cheap, dollar store quality coloring books and the Cancer Care Coloring book won’t be that. This is going to be a beefy (30 – 40 illustrations), high-quality book worthy of all the time and effort put into it.

THE FUNDING: As much as I wish I could pay for the cost of producing the book myself, this isn’t possible. Cancer care is expensive (even with good insurance) and the money my wife and I have goes to priority number one… getting me as healthy as we can. The generous donations of so many kind and caring people to the GoFundMe campaign my wife and son put together for us will only be spent on my healthcare. That said, I’ve seen firsthand just how effective crowdfunding can be. Even though our GFM didn’t raise the amount we’d hoped, the money raised allowed for additional cancer therapies that have improved my current quality of life and will hopefully help lead to an eventual remission. So in the spirit of community assistance (and to determine whether or not this is actually a good idea or not) I’m going to be firing up a Kickstarter campaign to attempt to fund production of this book with a stretch-goal of creating a less graphic book for younger colorists.

PROGRESS: I’m getting close to the halfway point. With 16 finished illustrations for the adult/teen book (updated art gallery coming soon) I’d like an additional 14-24 depending on how the “story” fleshes out. The storyboard for the book has 30 pages but I may decide to add to it depending on how it flows. It’s a time-consuming process that’s not only rewarding but also an import aspect of my cancer therapy. The mind/body connection is strong and these drawings continue to help me through the toughest challenge of my life.

In future posts I’ll continue to share the progress of the illustrations, the specifics of printing and production costs, Kickstarter information, and my overall thoughts on the process. Whew… I spend more time on the social media for this idea than on the actual drawings! Thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time, later tater.